Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Xtra Mile Events need an estimated swim time?

It is important that you give an as accurate as possible estimate of your swim time over the swim distance in your event so that we can place you in a wave of swimmers who are about the same ability as yourself. Wildly inaccurate guesses can result in the whole event being held up - try explaining that to your fellow competitors when we run out of booked pool time! So, if you're not sure, hop in your nearest pool and get timing!

What is a relay team?

We welcome relay teams at our events.  A relay team is where two or three friends, family or work colleagues work together and share the stages of the sport.   For example, in a triathlon, one person does the swim section, one person does the bike stage and one person does the run.  Or in a duathlon, one person does the first run, one person does the bike stage, and one person does the second run.  Please note it can be two or three people sharing the stages, and you can share the stages any way you like as long as there is only one person per stage.  Taking part as a relay team can be a great introduction to the sport, and a great way to share the excitement and fun.

What is a novice?

A novice is anyone for whom this calendar year (2018) is their first year of competing in triathlons (or triathlon related events such as aquathlons and duathlons).

What is BTF membership?

Anyone can become a member of British Triathlon - the national membership association for triathlon in Britain. Xtra Mile Events offers British Triathlon members a discount for entry into many of their competitive events. For further information on British Triathlon Membership visit:

Why do you need to know my BTF membership number?

Providing details of a BTF number only applies to members of British Triathlon. Non BTA members can still enter Xtra Mile Events. In order to verify that you are a current member of British Triathlon we request your BTF number on the online entry form. You will be asked to produce your current British Triathlon membership card at the registration desk on the day of the event.

Can I use a mountain bike?

Yes, a whole range of bikes is welcomed at Xtra Mile Events. There are some types of bikes you cannot use, including fixed wheel and electric/powered bikes. More details on acceptable bikes can be found in Section 11 of the British Triathlon Rule Book, see

How can I check race results?

We aim to publish race results within two days after the race on our website under Results. On the day results will be available from the race results wagon - usually situated next to the finish line.

What training do I need to do prior to the event?

Although our events are suitable from novice level, it should be remembered that multi-sport events can be strenuous, and you will need to prepare your body (and mind) for this. For more advice and guidance you might try joining a local triathlon club, working with a coach, and reading books and internet resources on the topic. A good place to start is British Triathlon:

What kit do I need to bring on the day?

There are several things that you will need on the day to help you to perform your best. The following is a list of our suggestions - talk to other triathletes and develop a list to best suit you.

  • Warm/suitable clothes for prior to and after the event
  • Safety pins - 8 for for race numbers 
  • Race numbers - attached to your race t-shirt or race belt, with any medical conditions clearly written on the back of both numbers. You will need to show your race numbers to get into transition 
  • Triathlon suit - all-in-one, two piece or equivalent; or swim costume, t-shirt and shorts. Basically anything which gets you quickly from out of the pool and onto your bike. However, we often have a number of people who don’t worry about their time, and just want to say, “I did it! – I’m a triathlete!” at the end, and once they leave the pool they go to the changing rooms before hopping on their bikes. 
  • Goggles and swim hat (if you use one). Swim hats are only compulsory at our open water events, where we supply them
  • Bike (left in a low gear, so you can start peddling easily)
  • Spare inner tube and tyre levers (in case you get a flat tyre en route) - probably best to store these in an under-saddlebag, crossbar bag, or similar 
  • Tyre pump - probably mounted on your bike 
  • Bike computer - if you like to know how long there is left to go, and how fast you are going, a small, handlebar mounted, bike computer can be helpful
  • Bike pump with pressure gauge - not essential, but some athletes like to check their tyres are at the optimum pressure
  • Helmet (with the straps undone and untangled - ready to quickly put on). Your helmet must meet British Triathlon approved standards - see
  • Talc - leave ready-sprinkled in your cycle shoes (your feet may be wet after your swim) 
  • Towel - to dry your face/hands with after your swim 
  • Bike shoes (if using a separate pair of clip-in shoes) 
  • Muscle balm - if you must use this, do NOT put it on until you have applied your number tattoos
  • Drink bottle - with your preferred drink in, stored on your bike 
  • Energy bars/gels - taped to your bike, or stuffed in a pocket
  • Run shoes (some people prefer elasticated laces to aid the speed at which these can be put on)
  • Socks - if you prefer these with your bike and/or run shoes 
  • Map of how to get to the event venue
  • Maps of courses 
  • Another good tip is to memorise your bike position in transition, and walk through each stage of coming in and out of transition before you start your event
  • Wash kit and change of clothes for after the event - body polishing sponges are useful for removing your race numbers from your arms and legs.

Do I have to wear my race numbers in the pool?

No, at registration you will be given an envelope with number tattoos (instructions on how to apply these are in the event booklet). You may also have your age group letter written in permanent black marker pen on your lower legs and upper arms. These can easily be scrubbed off in a bath or shower after a race. You will need your race numbers for the cycle and run - have them pinned on ready in transition, on your t-shirt/top or race belt.

How do I attach my race numbers?

Your race number must be clearly visible on your back during the cycle, and on your front during the run. If you are wearing the same top for both, and you are not swimming in this top, you can pin your race numbers onto both the front and back of this prior to your event starting and leave it ready in transition. An alternative is to use a race belt. This is an elasticated belt worn around your torso. If you are using one of these, you must remember to twist it round after the cycle, so that your number is showing on your back during the cycle, and on your front during the run.

Are number belts/race belts allowed?

Yes, race belts are allowed: remember your race number must be clearly visible on your back during the cycle, and on your front during the run, otherwise you may be subjected to a 2 minute penalty as per the BTF rules. NB Race numbers must not be cut, trimmed or folded in any way. Please write any medical information on the back of your number.

Xtra Mile Events Transfers/Withdrawals/Refunds Policy 

Considerable effort goes into producing an event such as a triathlon. From the moment we receive your entry we expend funds and apply them in good faith in relation to your entry. These costs include fees to the BTF, fees to our payment processing provider, products for goody bags and prizes, venue hire time, and general staffing costs- for example, a significant amount of administration and practical work also starts the moment you enter and continues up until, and even after an event.

In respect to any request for a race transfer, withdrawal, and/or refund, we will implement the following policy:

Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances after a Race Entry has been submitted.

A withdrawal from an Xtra Mile Event can be made at any time prior to an event. If you are withdrawing at least 7 days before an event, you can request a Race Transfer to another event (instructions on how to do this are below) or substitute another person into your place. Within 7 days of the event, transfers or substitutions are not available.

Transfer your entry to someone else

You can transfer your entry to another person up to 7 days before the event. Within 7 days of the event, substitutions are not possible. All substitutions must be done online and a £10 fee will be charged. To access your account, follow this link or copy and paste it into your browser Once logged in select ‘Actions’ and then select ‘Substitute Someone Else’. You will then be required to enter some details for whoever is taking your place.

Transfer your entry to another Xtra Mile Event

You can transfer your entry to another event in the same year or the following year up to 7 days before the event. Within 7 days of the event, transfers are not possible. All transfers must be done online and a £10 fee will be charged. To access your account, follow this link or copy and paste it into your browser Once logged in select ‘Actions’ and then select ‘Move to’ you will then see a list of any remaining 2018 and all of 2019 events. Please select the relevant event and distance and follow the on screen instructions.

The withdrawal policy can be downloaded here.

Please note the withdrawals and transfers policy for the Greater Manchester Marathon and Manchester Half Marathon are different and can be found at or  

Where can I find a copy of the entry Terms & Conditions?

Click here to view the Terms and Conditions

Click here to view our Privacy Policy 

I won a prize, but I didn't attend the prize giving - what do I do?

If you won a prize category, in the first instance contact us at to let us know that you want your prize sent to you. Next send a cheque made payable to Xtra Mile Events for £5 (to cover postage and packaging) to: Xtra Mile Events 292 Hale Road, Hale Barns, WA15 8SP. You should then receive your prize within a week.

Can anyone accompany me into transition?

No, sorry - for security reasons only competitors showing their race numbers are allowed into transition - no friends, family, colleagues or spectators. This ruling and security measure helps to keep your equipment safe and secure in the transition area.

Can I jump a red light during a race?

No, cyclists must obey the Highway Code at all times. You will be penalised if caught breaking it.

Can people come and spectate at your events?

Spectators are always welcome! Our venues have plenty to keep you entertained, with great viewing points from which to watch the competitors, and often adventure playgrounds for the children.

What time do your events start?

Start times are displayed on the event details on our website. The Xtra Mile Events series of triathlons takes place on Sunday mornings. Not all competitors start at the same time: they set off in waves of about 20 people, starting with the slowest (approx. 20 min) swimmers, all the way up to the quickest (approx. 5 min) swimmers throughout the morning. The first swimmers start at 07:00-08:00 (slight differences depending on venues) and the last swimmers are off by around 09.30-11:00. Due to this staggered start system, the final runners (and finishers of the whole triathlon) are expected in around 11:00-12:00. We use this system in order to keep swimmers of similar ability together, which helps us to not over-run the time we have hired out the pool for, and to ensure that the event runs smoothly. All competitors are emailed the event booklet and start list between one and two weeks prior to an event, and this information is also available to download from the website. You will find other current details, including route maps, on the separate race details pages at

How do I change my estimated swim time?

This is no problem - we understand that competitor's swim times can change, e.g. due to injury or increased fitness or ability. If your swim time changes please log onto your entry form on (your email address is usually your login) and edit your entry form there. You will be able to do this until 14 days prior to an event.

I haven't received an email confirming my entry - what do I do?

Occasionally emails sent from us are treated as spam or junk mail. If you do not receive your confirmation email, please add to your email contacts list. Then email requesting the confirmation email be re-sent.

I just entered online, but it won't let me enter another event - what do I do?

For security reasons and to help prevent fraud our payment processing company places a five minute delay on processing transactions on the same card for the same amount of money. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit for Xtra Mile Events?

For our pool-based events we ask that you do NOT wear a wetsuit - the water temperature is too warm for this piece of equipment. 
In our open water events, the wearing of wetsuits is dependent on water temperature. Whilst the minimum water temperature at which wetsuits are optional is 14°C under BTF rules, for safety reasons wetsuits are compulsory for all water temperatures below 22°C on Xtra Mile events. The water temperature is displayed in the registration area.

What is the quality of the water that we are swimming in?

We test the water at three points along the course to ensure that it complies with EU bathing water quality standards.

Can under 16-year olds enter your events?

We are sorry but due to child protection and insurance restrictions, we do not currently allow any under 16-year olds to enter our events.